Saturday, March 5, 2011

Going to Nana's...

I've been looking the last few months for a great vintage suitcase for a few photography sessions I'll be doing in the near future.  I know those "great treasures" are out there...people just wanting to get rid of "junk", I look and wait (instead of paying the outrageous prices many charge for them online.  

And, my waiting finally paid off!  We were walking around in the Habitat ReStore yesterday afternoon with the kids, and I spotted this awesome vintage green near perfect condition, especially on the inside.  I was thrilled for my $6 find {large suitcase and smaller matching suitcase - not pictured}.  What I didn't know was how much my kids would love them, too!!

Katie found a similar small blue suitcase that she needed...and for $2 purchased it with her own money...the best $2 she's ever spent, if you ask her!  Now, I have little ones that go around the house with all of the suitcases completely packed and ready for their trip to Nana's.  They've been going to Nana's since their eyes saw the suitcases in the's been hilarious! that I've taken tons of time explaining the old's a few funny pictures of the kids this morning.

Meeko needs to see Nana and Pawpaw soon...

And so do these little jokers 
{they're trying to make "puppy dog" faces}

"We're ready for Nana's!  Can we go now??"
{gotta love those silly faces...and Katie's bedhead!!}

We're pretty certain Meeko wants to come, too...

So...get ready, Nana!  You may have extra suitcases coming with the kids soon!  We haven't been able to get them to leave them alone...


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